“Please check over ALL details VERY carefully”


It seems obvious right? But the proofing process is the most overlooked and yet the MOST IMPORTANT part of your order. The general thought tends to be that printers and designers are so experienced at what they do that they won't make a mistake on your order but this simply isn't the case. Printers and designers everywhere make mistakes all the time, if they didn't there would not be a need for a proof at all. We of course try to be error free, no one makes mistakes on purpose but we also aim to provide speedy turn-around times for all of our customers, therefore, we can not catch all mistakes and this is where your proofing process is critical!


Once you approve your proof or decline the need for a proof you are making a statement to us that your file is exactly what you want so make sure you know what you're getting. It's going to seem a little blunt but the truth is if you don't care enough to carefully proof your order it's unlikely that anyone else is going to care any more than you do.


Don't waste your money and time. If you don't check your proof carefully you may be paying for something that you are not satisfied with and most likely you'll be paying to have it redesigned and reprinted. There is unfortunately a common misconception that if you don't catch a mistake on your proof it's no big deal the printer will just reprint it at no charge. Let me assure you right now that is almost never correct. We have kept our prices very low for as long as we've been in business because we understand that most of our local customers need a low cost source for design and printing services, however, due to our desire to provide low cost, high quality and timely service it would be financially impractical, irresponsible and in some cases impossible to redesign/reprint orders at no cost when we've given ample opportunity for the customer to proof their order.


Please help us provide you with a product you can be proud of by taking the time to proof your file. A few minutes of careful proofing now can save you a lot of grief in the future.